Design. Coding. Test.

Evolve. Train.

We develop digital products tailored to your market, make them evolve and can help you internalise them.

An agile methodology

Our method is based on a few key principles of agile methods: to integrate your feedback frequently thanks to a short feedback loop, to favour direct contact with our technical team and to take into account your business issues at each stage: functional and graphic design, development, maintenance.

Our methodology must have a clear objective
To create maximum value for your organisation

Our mission is to support you in the development of impactful digital solutions for your customers or for internal use. Our collaboration is based on a common desire: to provide solutions to your business problems and create value for your organisation. The methodology we use aims to meet this challenge as effectively as possible.

We are partners
We are partners


We advise you on the functionalities to be implemented to achieve your objective and on the choice of the most suitable technical stack, based on our experience with several dozen projects.

360° Vision

We have a 360° view of your project: acquisition, business model, design, development, possible technical transition, corrective and evolutionary maintenance.

Tailor-made support

On a daily basis, we support entrepreneurs in their launch phase, growing start-ups, SMEs seeking to boost their digital transformation, companies looking for new growth levers or even structures seeking to optimise their internal processes... We adapt and modulate our support according to your needs, the maturity of your project and your business.


We develop an initial product that can be tested by your users, maximising your time-to-market. We then develop it continuously according to their feedback.

Our technologies

We are continuously exploring to use the reference technologies.

Project and needs framing

We identify your business issues and problems. The questions we need to answer in this phase may be the following:

> What are your needs?

> What are your business objectives?

> If you are developing a product for your future customers: what pain points does it fulfill?

> Which market do you address? What are its characteristics?

Based on these initial guidelines, we define the key success factors of the project. We can also assist you in gaining a more in-depth knowledge of your market by drawing up a detailed competitive benchmark and organising user interviews.

We then advise you on the functionalities to be implemented, which we detail in the form of user stories (e.g. as a senior, i receive a vocal notification when my family caregiver adds an event to my calendar). Finally, our Product Manager builds the project roadmap that will be used for future developments.

Graphic design

The objective of graphic design is to develop a product with an optimal UX/UI and which, through its design, embodies your vision and your brand.

1 User flow

Our designers design the workflow of your product in order to optimise its UX (user experience). In concrete terms, we structure its tree structure and the interweaving of the user path through the creation of progressive diagrams, also known as flowcharts.

2 Wireframes mock-up

Our designers design the workflow of your product in order to optimise its UX (user experience). In concrete terms, we structure its tree structure and the interweaving of the user path through the creation of progressive diagrams, also known as flowcharts.

3 Final mock-up

Once the wireframing phase is complete, we start the graphic design and layout of your product. Together with you, we define your graphic charter and the components (images, logos, pictograms, motion design) to be integrated afterwards. We can then efficiently design the screens of your future product.

At each stage of the design process, the client remains at the centre of the process, following and commenting on flowcharts, wireframes and mock-ups to arrive at the final result: an efficient, aesthetic and intuitive interface.

This collaborative way of working is facilitated by the use of tools such as Figma.


Our conviction: concrete user feedback is more impactful than an a priori idea. Confronting users as quickly as possible is therefore an essential component of your product's success.

> Upstream of the developments, our teams advise you on the architecture and technologies adapted to your project.

> The developments are then divided into sprints, and the project is monitored using a Jira board.

> In concrete terms, a sprint corresponds to two weeks of work during which the features identified as priorities are coded. Each sprint is defined by a precise objective and a weekly review to present the work done and define the features for the next sprint.


Project features

To do

Sprint features

To test

Features you can test


Features you have validated

We comply with four key requirements for each project

Progressive development

We divide developments into functional batches so that you can test successful user paths.


We develop a first MVP as quickly as possible that you can test with your early adopters, for example

Daily update

New features are added every day.


We take your feedback into account as we go along and can reprioritise and redefine the roadmap according to the needs of the project.

Product evolution

We support you over the long term in the evolution and maintenance of your solution.

The use that will be made of your product may require the development of new functionalities.

We help you prioritise them and advise you on the most appropriate way to integrate them.

The code written by our team is clean, well documented and make it easy for you, one day, to take over your product development.

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